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                                               My Bedroom
    My bedroom is wonderful.My bedroom has a big blue dressing table and on the dressing table I have nail polish and powder. I have some pictures and flowers on the wall. My study table has books and my pencil case. My yellow bed is soft and smooth and I have covers on it. I have grey cupboard. In the cupboard there are my clothes, purses and some toys. I have blue curtains covering the windows. I love my bedroom very much.
Laila Kotiya.
Grade Two

Imagine that you have a pen pal who lives in another country. You have been invited to visit him or her. As you get off the airplane, you see many people. Then, you notice a person who is about your age waving wildly. Write a story about your visit. The story should be about three paragraphs long.


                             THE STORY: MY TRIP TO ENGLAND


CHARACTERS: I, a 9yr old Indian boy; my 9yr old British pen pal, Daniel;  Mr.and Mrs.Radcliff, Daniels Parents; thief.

SETTING:           England

PLOT:                  1. came to England

                              2. went to Daniels house

                              3. Played games in VCD

                              4. got kidnapped  at night

                              5. thief blackmailed Mr. and Mrs. Radcliff

                              6. got saved by the police


        I had never been to England before. When I arrived at the London Studio airport I recognized my pen pal Daniel because he had sent me one picture of his.  I was happy to see him. I hugged him and said, Hello to Mr. and Mrs. Radcliff. When we reached home we had supper. We ate Lasagna, spaghetti, and strawberry ice cream for dessert. Daniels parents were humble people. Then, we played Daniels VCD. I played Tekken three. I was Howarang and I was fighting with Jin.  We also played Street fighter two.  I was Vega and was fighting with Dharslim. I lost, but the game was fun.


                     At night, a thief kidnapped Daniel and me. We shouted Help!, but no one heard. Then we had an idea. We tickled the thief. Ha, Ha, Ha. said he thief. You cant tickle me. he added.  I dont feel it. he said in a laughing tone. He took out his mask. His face was a skeleton, just like in Terminator Three. In the morning Mr. and Mrs. Radcliff were looking for us. Oh no! Mrs. Radcliff cried. They got kidnapped! she wailed. Suddenly, the phone rang. Mr. Radcliff answered. I have captured your children. Give me a million bucks or Ill kill your sons. said the stranger seriously. Bring the money at Hogan Alley. he laughed. Now what are we going to do. cried Mrs. Radcliff. Ill phone the C.I.D, said Mr. Radcliff. He immediately rang them. Hello, C.I.D speaking. said a officer. Please help us! Our children are kidnapped! Mr. Radcliff informed the young police officer. The thief wants a million bucks in Hogan Alley or hell kill our children. wailed Mr. Radcliff. Well come. said the C.I.D officer.


                     So some C.I.D officers made a plan. They bought fake money and put unconscious medicine in the money. So the C.I.D officers took the money to Hogan Alley .They said, We are the childrens workers. The thief took the money and fell unconscious. The C.I.D officers took Daniel and me back home and put the thief in jail right away. I had a great time! And thats only one of the many exciting adventures I had gone through while visiting my British pen pal in England.

                                 A story by: Adnan Samma, Grade 4




     I had a good time with my penpal,Alexander




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Grade Two has started writing Descriptive paragraphs, this is one of them.Grade Four is working on short stories.
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