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Grade Five to Grade Eight

Every week we'll try to put some new things written by students.
Through out these lines,our Seventh and Eighth graders have tried to apply some similes and metaphors in their lines of Verse.
Deep In The Universe     Shikha Aurora Grade Seven
Deep in the universe
As if am singing you a verse
Deep in the earth
As if you gave me a birth
Deep in the sky
As if you're so high
Deep in the ocean
Where you're not caution
Even though I believe you exist
I persist that you do.
Mr.Knowall       Atish Kulkarni Grade Seven
Once lived a boy
Who said to know all
People had a name for him
Mr.Knowall was what they used to call
He was thought to know everything
For he was Mr.Knowall
A walking dictionary was he
To understand a word just give him a call
He also was a rocket
In a mile race intown
As strong as giant was he
So he even got to wear a cool crown
He was on of everything
So naturally the master
He lived for long
As happy as a toy ever after.
Pollock The Racer             Alishaan           Grade Seven
Pollock was a cheetah
Who came from Utah
Speeding as fast as a rocket
Stopping to act like a clown
And color gets dark as brown
Wins the race
And clown's face
Continues to act like a clown
And color gets dark as brown
Stops acting like a clown
And wins a crown.

Don't forget to send your views.

 Through our writings.
Keep it up students.

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Almost all the verses which I received were excellent I've tried to select few of them,don't get discouraged if your verse is not posted this time.