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My Bedroom


    My bedroom is wonderful. My bedroom has a big blue dressing table and on the dressing table I have nail polish and powder. I have some pictures and flowers on the wall. My study table has books and my pencil case. My yellow bed is soft and smooth and I have covers on it. I have grey cupboard. In the cupboard there are my clothes, purses and some toys. I have blue curtains covering the windows. I love my bedroom very much.


Laila Kotiya.

Grade Two


Imagine that you have a pen pal who lives in another country. You have been invited to visit him or her. As you get off the airplane, you see many people. Then, you notice a person who is about your age waving wildly. Write a story about your visit. The story should be about three paragraphs long.

                                       My trip to my pen pal

  I had a good time with my pen pal, Alexander. He had curly black hair and huge black eyes  He was quite tall and he was ten years old.

 First, I landed at Italy International Airport. I was walking around hoping for my penpal to come before other people came. Suddenly I saw a boy waving wildly at me. It was Alexander, my pen pal! Next, we were already talking and eating at a fast food restaurant called McDonald.

  After eating, we were on a coach driving to Alexanders house.

Unfortunately the coach broke down and we had to sleep in it for one day. One day later we were back on he road.

  Last, we got in to home. He had a beautiful mansion. He was very rich and very popular.

  All of sudden I realized that he was the son of the governor.

    I had a wonderful time at Alexanders house and we always stayed in contact with each other.

 By -- Bella S. Innocent.   Grade 4



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Grade Two has started writing Descriptive paragraphs, this is one of them.Grade Four is working on short stories.

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