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Here's your chance to contribute...

Inviting people to express their own ideas is a great way to get them involved. This page will encourage students to discuss questions and issues relating to the class material. (Don't forget, even those who are too shy to speak up in class often have important things to say.)

I may use this area to post an especially excellent or thought-provoking student essay.

"In the News" Responses

I might use this area to post some of the answers I received to the "In the News" Or also include views and comments from the people.


I will use this area to post comments people have sent me on how they feel school is going and topics they'd like to see covered in more (or less!) detail.
Or some suggestions.

To encourage frank discussion, I may make the comments in this area anonymous.

Because this page depends on contributions, I  post my e-mail address again in this area.